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What are the different types of motorcycle insurance?


When you drive with quality coverage, you drive with peace of mind. American Financial Solutions can help you stay protected for wherever the road takes you.  

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

When you purchase a motorcycle insurance policy, you may ask what does Motocycle insurance cover and you can select from a variety of coverage options to cover a wide range of issues. Here’s a look at the most frequent types of motorcycle insurance available.

Liability Insurance

This coverage type covers injuries and property damage you cause to others. If you cause an accident and someone is harmed, liability will cover the injured person’s medical expenses up to your policy’s limits. It will also pay for damages to cars, such as dents.

Liability insurance also covers your legal costs if you are sued for an accident.

You may find motorcycle liability insurance written as a string of digits, such as 25/50/25. Here’s what those figures represent:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury to one person in one accident
  • $50,000 for bodily injury to multiple people in one accident
  • $25,000 for property damage in one accident

Buying low limits of liability insurance can help you save money on insurance, but it may also result in far greater costs later. If your insurance coverage runs out of coverage because you caused an accident with significant injuries and/or property damage to others, they can still sue you.

Guest Passenger Liability

If you are the driver of a motor vehicle and cause an accident, this coverage will cover your passenger’s medical expenses. If you do not cause the incident, this coverage is generally not applicable. You and/or your passengers could make a claim against the at-fault motorist’s insurance for any injuries incurred as a result of the collision.

In some states, guest passenger liability is required, while in others it’s an optional coverage.

Guest passenger liability, you should inquire with your insurance agent about whether or not this is covered as part of your liability coverage or if it may be purchased separately, so you know what to

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If you’re in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have coverage, Uninsured motorist (UM) coverage will pay for your medical expenses. Underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage is similar and pays when the at-fault driver has some insurance but not enough. It’s usually a good idea to get UM and UIM coverage.

Medical Payments (MedPay)

MedPay coverage covers your and your passenger’s medical expenditures, regardless of who is at fault. MedPay might pay for the following depending on your state and insurance provider:

  • Ambulance and emergency medical expenses
  • Hospital bills
  • Professional nursing services
  • Health insurance deductibles and copays
  • Prescriptions

MedPay can be an important safeguard if you have health insurance, since it covers copays and deductibles as well.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

In comparison to MedPay, PIP insurance is more comprehensive. Regardless of who is held responsible for the accident, PIP coverage covers your and your passenger’s medical expenditures. Medical expenses such as hospital and doctor costs are covered by PIP, as well as lost income if you can’t work and replacement services for chores you can’t perform, such as house cleaning.

PIP is mandatory in some states, optional in some and not available in others.

Because PIP can cover more than MedPay, it is typically the better option in states with both options.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance covers the cost of repairs if your bike is damaged in an accident with another thing, such as a car, tree, or structure. Keep in mind that collision insurance does not cover damage to other people’s property caused by you. Your liability insurance protects you against damages you cause to others.

If you have collision insurance, there’s usually a deductible that you must meet before your insurer pays for repairs. A deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket in the event of a claim. For example, if your policy has a $500 deductible and the repairs cost $2,000, your insurance company will reimburse you $1,500 ($2k -$ 500 = $1,500).

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is desirable since it covers a wide range of risks, including motorcycle theft, vandalism, falling objects (such as a tree branch), fire, floods, and hailstorms.

If you need to make a claim for something covered by comprehensive insurance, you’ll have to pay a deductible.

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Extra Coverage Types for Motorcycle Insurance

Coverage types such as liability insurance and personal injury protection are a great start for a solid motorcycle insurance policy. If you want to customize your policy with additional coverage types, here are some to consider.

Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage

If you want to personalize your motorbike with aftermarket components, this coverage is for you. Customization and maintenance insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing any aftermarket additions to your bike if they are damaged or destroyed due to a covered peril.

When it comes to custom parts and equipment coverage, there is typically no deductible. However, the collision and comprehensive portion of your claim would have a deductible. If you have a collision that damages your customized handlebars but not the standard front forks, you must pay the deductible to repair or replace the forks but not the handlebars as an example.

Another thing to bear in mind: Custom components and equipment coverage frequently has a limit, which means the insurance will only cover a specific amount. If your custom parts and equipment coverage is $3,000 but your customized seat is $4,000, you would be responsible for the remaining $1,000.

Total Loss Coverage

If your motorcycle is stolen or destroyed by a covered peril, total loss coverage pays for the purchase of a new model motorcycle. Total loss coverage can help bridge the gap between the cost of a replacement bike and its actual cash value (ACV), which includes depreciation.

Roadside Assistance

There’s no fun in having a breakdown on the roadside. This coverage will not make your breakdown any more inconvenient, but it may at least assist financially. If your motorbike is disabled as a result of mechanical or electrical failure, this insurance covers certain expenses. The following are examples of things that might be covered by roadside assistance insurance:

  • Dead battery
  • Empty gas tank
  • Flat tire
  • Lost key
  • Low oil, fluids or water

Expenses might include:

  • Towing
  • Labor at the place of breakdown
  • Delivery of fuel, oil or other fluids

Trip Interruption Coverage

  • Do you enjoy long motorcycle journeys? If you’re unable to complete your journey because of a mechanical or electrical issue, this coverage will cover food, lodging and transportation.

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

When you’re looking for motorcycle insurance, ask about any discounts. Here are some of the most popular discounts accessible.

  • Multipolicy discount. If you have another insurance discount, such as car insurance or home insurance, combining your motorcycle insurance with the same company is one of the greatest discounts available.
  • Motorcycle safety discount. Most insurance companies provide benefits for undergoing a motorcycle safety course. For courses available in your state, visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.
  • Safe rider discount. If you have a clean driving and riding record, which entails no at-fault accidents or moving traffic infractions in the past three to five years, you’ll usually save money.
  • Anti-theft discount. If your bike has an anti-theft or recovery mechanism, such as a GPS theft-recovery system, you may be entitled to a price reduction on the whole of your policy.
  • Insurance payment discounts. You might generally save money if you pay your premium in full, enroll for automatic payments, or go paperless.
  • Riding association. A membership to a riding organization, such as the American Motorcycle Association, BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, Harley Owners Group, and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation may be a good investment.

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When you drive with quality coverage, you drive with peace of mind. American Financial Solutions can help you stay protected for wherever the road takes you.  


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  1. Yay! Finally I can take some breath now once you revealed that we won’t have to pay for a tow truck service if we already possess an insurance coverage. My father-in-law’s car is very old now and it always turns off all of a sudden once in a while. He already plans to get himself a new car to escape such situation. I’ll remind him to take a closer look into the matter when searching for the right policy soon after.

    1. Thank you for your review of our car insurance blog, we’re glad to hear that you found it helpful. Having coverage for tow truck services is definitely a valuable feature, especially when your car breaks down unexpectedly.

      We hope you have a safe and happy driving experience with our policy and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

  2. I appreciate that you mentioned how it is mandatory in some states to have personal injury protection in your motorcycle insurance coverage, so it would be best to inquire about this when choosing a policy. My brother has recently been interested in riding motorcycles so he wants to get an insurance policy for it. I’ll have to mention this to him while he’s looking for trusted insurance companies.

    1. Thank you for your input on motorcycle insurance, we really appreciate it! It’s great to know that our customers are as passionate about safety as we are. We always suggest inquiring about personal injury protection requirements when choosing a policy, as each state has different regulations. We hope your brother enjoys riding motorcycles and stays safe while doing so!

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