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What insurance do I need as a landlord?

landlord Insurance Policy near Waterbury, Ct

If you’ve recently purchased a rental property, you have a lot to think about right now. From finding the right tenants to preparing your rental for move-in day, there’s no doubt you’ll be busy — and that’s why we want to help you check one to-do off your list: protecting your investment with a Landlord insurance policy.

Do I have to buy landlord insurance?

If you’re wondering whether you need to buy landlord insurance coverage or if you can stick with a regular home insurance policy, the answer is pretty simple: most standard home insurance policies don’t cover rental activities, so you’ll probably need landlord insurance. That said, there are some cases where you may be able to stick with a regular home insurance policy — if you’re only renting out a room or suite in your home, for example. But if you’re renting out a separate property or a unit in a building where you don’t currently live, you’ll need landlord insurance. The average cost of landlord insurance may cost more than homeowners insurance but its needed if your renting out your home.

What landlord insurance covers ?

What is landlord insurance ?

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How much third-party liability coverage should I get for my rental property?

You’ll most likely want to have more third-party liability coverage for your rental property than you would for your own home. You can’t control your tenants or their guests, and if something were to go wrong on your property, you could face a hefty lawsuit. You should also consider a higher third-party liability limit if there’s anything on your rental property that could increase the chances of someone getting hurt (e.g., a swimming pool). Bumping your liability limit to the next level may cost less than you think, so it’s worth pricing out a couple of different options.

Do my tenants need their own renter’s insurance?

Your landlord home insurance doesn’t cover your tenants’ stuff. So, although tenant insurance isn’t mandatory in most provinces, it’s highly recommended. Your renters will need to purchase their own tenant insurance to cover their clothing, furniture, and everything else in case something happens. And, if they’re responsible for damage to your property their own liability coverage will help pay for it.


What other coverages might I need for my rental property?

Like homeowners’ insurance, additional coverages for earthquake, sewer backup, overland water and hail would need to be purchased separately. But having these coverages can save a landlord from a lot of grief and financial stress. In recent years, for example, water damage has been on the rise. So, consider reading up on how it happens, how to prevent it and how insurance against water damage can save you from a timely and expensive clean-up. And do the same with all other extra coverages available to you – you might just find you need them!

Will my landlord insurance cover short-term rentals?

It depends. Some insurers will allow short-term rentals if you’ve notified them first. Others will only permit it if you’re renting out a room or unit in the house you live in, or they might impose certain coverage restrictions. And some won’t allow it at all. Before you decide to use your income property for short-term rentals, be sure to speak with your insurer first. At the end of the day, the main thing to remember is that as a landlord, you’re exposed to a lot more risk than you would be as a homeowner. Landlord insurance is a smart way to protect your investment.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a new Landlord insurance policy, it is important to ask the right questions. Otherwise, you might end up with an expensive plan that does not provide adequate coverage or one that doesn’t cover your needs at all. American Financial Solutions LLC located in Waterbury, Ct has helped many people find the perfect Landlord insurance policies and always offers free quotes so call us today! We can help you avoid buying an overpriced plan by asking these crucial questions.

Frequently asked Questions on Landlord Insurance near Waterbury, Ct

Landlord insurance is a type of property insurance that provides coverage for property owners who rent out their dwellings to tenants. The policy can protect the owner’s interests in the event that the property is damaged or destroyed, as well as provide liability coverage in the event that a tenant is injured on the premises.

Landlord insurance is often worth having, as it can provide much-needed financial protection in the event of an incident. However, policies vary widely in terms of what they cover, so it’s important to read the fine print and understand exactly what your policy entails. American Financial Solutions LLC can help you find a landlord insurance policy that meets your needs and provides the right level of protection.

A landlord is typically responsible for insurance coverage on the property they are renting out. This would include damage to the structure of the building, any personal property that is damaged or stolen, as well as liability in case someone is injured while on the property.

It’s important to check with your specific insurance company to see what types of coverage are included in your policy. Most landlords will also require their tenants to carry renters insurance, which would protect their personal belongings in the event of any damage or theft.

Landlord insurance can provide some coverage for loss of rent, but it depends on the specific policy. For example, one policy might cover you for up to 12 months of lost rent, while another might only cover you for a certain number of days. It’s important to read the fine print so that you know what is and isn’t covered.

Rental property in the state of Connecticut can be covered under landlord insurance policies for damage to your rental property, personal injury that is caused by an insured event at your rented space and liability for injuries due to negligence.

Some examples of events that may be included are fire, theft or vandalism.  Liability coverage typically includes general damages from any one occurrence which include cost of repairs after a loss or lawsuit award has been made. This would cover things like if you were sued because of faulty plumbing that lead to flooding in one part of the building but not another. For more Information on coverages please contact your agent. 

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Where ever you live and having quality coverage being landlord will give you a peace of mind. American Financial Solutions can help you stay protected for the property you work hard for.  


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