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12 Most Common Insurance Claims Made During Christmas


Christmas is a time for family and friends to gather, share a meal, and make merry. However, the holiday has aroused interest due to the high number of claims recorded each year. At American Financial Solutions, we aim to help enjoy the holiday season and avoid unnecessary stresses.

Over the years, we have identified the following 12 most common insurance claims made during Christmas. With proper organization and vigilance, you could avoid going into a new year with the pressure of an insurance claim hanging over your head.

1. Theft

Burglars are often busy during Christmas since they know that homes have many new gadgets. This is due to a laxity in the adhering to security measures, such as failing to leave a light on when you are out in the evenings. Moreover, the culprits are not usually burglars, but friends and family during Christmas parties. The chances are that they will take advantage of your open accounts and devices and carry out identity theft. Many homeowners insurance polices have coverage for identity theft, check your homeowners policy for this coverage.


2. Damaged Electronics

There is an increase in the number of damaged electronics such as cracked TVs after they are knocked over when putting up or pulling down Christmas decorations.

3. Fire

Most people use candles to set a cozy mood, especially during Christmas dinners. However, we have seen an increase in the number of claims due to candles setting fire to dining tables and decorations. Moreover, fairy lights are easy to overheat and cause an unexpected fire.

4. Water Damage

If given the chance most people prefer using live Christmas trees instead of plastic ones. However, the trees usually predispose your property to water damage, and it is one of the most common Christmas claims to date.

5. Lost Possessions

Not to be confused with theft, most valuable possessions tend to be thrown out together with gift wrapping paper. Some of the most common items lost this way includes earrings, spectacles, hearing aids, and more.

6. Ceiling Damage

Since most decorations are kept in lofts and attics, there are chances that you could lose your footing and step on the fragile ceiling boards. The result is a hole in the ceiling that sticks out like an ugly sore.

7. Christmas Card Catastrophes

We still relish sending and receiving Christmas cards. However, a pot of ink or candle knocked over are common scenarios. Phones and expensive china centerpieces are smashed when writing a Christmas card. We have also seen spilled superglue on couches while making custom cards.

8. Tripping and Falling 

Children are not usually bothered about cleaning up after a day of unwrapping and playing with their toys. While stepping on a Lego brick will cause you mild pain, tripping over a toy left on the staircase could cause much damage.

Moreover, there are always personal accident claims where individuals fall off ladders while putting up Christmas decorations or taking them down.

9. Unattended Cooking

While indulging in eggnog with a shot or two of alcohol is a Christmas tradition, it has led to people forgetting that they have food cooking in ovens or on the stove. Not only will you damage your utensils and equipment, but also it has been the cause of many fires and smoke damage.

10. Burst Pipes

Christmas in the USA comes around during winter, and the low temperatures could cause the pipes to burst. This could lead to water damage to the tune of hundreds of thousands and cause you to vacate your home while the repairs are being done.

You could lag the pipes top to avoid them from bursting, and if you will not be in during Christmas, turn off the water supply at the mains, drain the system and leave your heating on low.

11. Road Accidents Due to Drunken Driving

Christmas brings a festive mood, and it is guaranteed that there will be people driving while drunk. This has led to accidents where homeowners, motorists, and pedestrians were the victims. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the roads are icy and slippery.

There is a case of a Santa’s sleigh crashing into a home after the horses were startled. The result was a damaged doorway and it increased the chances of a burglary in the home.

12. Faulty Freezers

Christmas time is full of festivities that require many foodstuffs, but there is hardly much that you can do to prevent a freezer from failing. This will cause you much disappointment and anxiety. With the proper homeowner’s insurance, you can replace it and save your food for the Christmas dinner without hassling your neighbors.

13. Final Thoughts

The above 12 most common insurance claims are bound to happen every year during Christmas. However, with proper planning, you could cover yourself against these perils. At American Financial Solutions in Waterbury Ct, we have professionals who will take you through the process of choosing the right insurance plans.

Contact us today for free and non-obligatory Homeowners Insurance quotes for all your homeowners insurance needs.


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